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Williams Funeral Home, Inc.

Delivering innovative and pertinent resources, solutions & ongoing support necessary for enduring excellence to our international network of independently death care providers.

Respect & Integrity

We are committed to never compromising on the respect, dignity and professionalism.


We are proud of our history, motivated and driven to our client’s expectations.


Our value individuality, different approaches and external relationships.

Staff Members

We feel privileged to be entrusted with the care of you and your family. We are proud of our high standards of service excellence and professionalism,

  • Mr. Fancy English (May 2016)

  • Ms. Edith V. Gail Jackson (June 2018)

  • Ms. Brenda Land (May 2012)

  • Mr. Marcus Lawson (September 2012)

  • Ms. Shirley M. Lowery (June 2000)

  • Mr. Z. Donnie Lowery (June 1983)

  • Mr. Jacob McLeod (September 1971)

  • Mr. Robert McLeod(June 2011)

  • Mr. Edward Pollard (September 2004)

  • Rev. Joseph Ricks ( )

  • Rev. Ruth Robinson (June 2005)

  • Mr. Anteyus J. Ross (November 2018)

  • Rev. Jake Sanders III (April 2014)

  • Mr. Marvin Singleton Affillated since June 1978)

  • Mr. Samuel Eric Spann (November 2014)

  • Mr. Leroy Williams (August 1975)

  • Mr. Lester Williams (March 2019)

  • Mr. Maverick A. Williams (September 2004)